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Books on Permaculture

Comprehensive guides to Permaculture to help you plan your self-sufficient garden


Quality red, blue and tiger composting worms, perfect for creating your own free garden fertiliser

Save money on Nitrogen fertiliser

Limit Nitrogen leaching in to the Waterways


Email us if you want a quote for quantities over 300 ha



Demand for organic food is growing. Healthy soil is the key to healthy crops and healthy grazing animals. Whether you are a commercial organic grower or a home gardener we can assist with your soil management needs.

Understanding the components of your soil and the environment in which you live are the keys to knowing how to work with nature to provide environmentally sustainable crops. An important first step is to understand what you are working with. We can provide basic soil testing equipment through to complete soil tests including testing of all  soil trace elements and soil heavy metal contaminants. Plant tissue tests and water tests are also available to improve the quality of your soil management decisions. We have a consultant that can help you understand your soil test results and soil needs. Go to ‘About Us’ and email your questions to us.
Your soil microbiology is also important in breaking down your organic matter and providing plant available nutrients and minerals. We can provide soil tests that will identify your current soil biology and recommend specific soil biology stimulants for your soil’s needs.
Our range of soil products includes soil conditionersorganic fertiliserssoil biology stimulants and soil trace elements. We can also supply composting worms and worm farms to help recycle your organic waste and animal manure into free organic fertiliser, rich in soil nutrients and soil biology.
For home gardeners who want to learn more, we have a popular range of books and guides on permaculturesoil management and healthcompostingnatural farmingbackyard self-sufficiencyplanting guides and the natural control of weeds and pests.
Understanding what to plant and when to plant in your local area will save you time and money. We can provide access to an interactive planting guide that provides advice on planting 130 different varieties of vegetables, herbs and cereals.
Shopping online is easy. We look forward to helping you with your soil needs.
Natural Farming: A Practical Guide
Natural Farming: A Practical Guide
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