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Milwaukee Meters - Generic purpose Refractometer with ATC, High concentrations
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Milwaukee Meters - Generic purpose Refractometer with ATC, High concentrations

Price: $179.00
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The MR series refractometers are precision optical Instruments used for measuring concentrations of substances in aqueous solutions. They work using the principle of light refraction through liquids. When passing light through a liquid the refracted angle will be shown on the scale determining the amount of dissolved solids in the liquid.



Milmaukee Meters - General Purpose Refractometer With ATC


Milwaukee Meters



Refractometers provide critical information to ensure product quality. They are also widely used for controlling the concentration of various industrial fluids cutting lubricants, flux rinsing compounds, firefighting foam or other water based industrial products. All our Refractometers are supplied with the correct calibration fluid and reference block where appropriate.

Very simple to use: simply place one drop of your sample on the prism and read the results on the scales immediately! They have adjustable focus and they provide direct readings and can measure concentrations of all kinds of solutions such as: fruit juices, beverages, wine, jam, honey, milk, salt water, brine, canned foods, cleaning fluids, battery fluids, antifreeze etc. Models with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) are suitable for applications where the temperature of the samples varies. Each refractometer is supplied complete with hard carrying case, calibration screwdriver, dosing pipette and instruction manual.

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