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Natural Farming: A Practical Guide
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Natural Farming: A Practical Guide

Sale Price: $35.00 $33.00
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Manufacturer: Brumby Books
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Pat Coleby discusses her natural approach to farming and how improving soil health improves animal health and our health.

Natural Farming: A Practical Guide

Author:  COLEBY, Pat

Format: Paperback

ISBN:    9780881927771

Natural Farming provides a simple message: healthy soil makes healthy plants, which in turn makes healthy animals and healthy people

 This popular book by Pat Coleby is an necessary guide for any farmer who wants to work with nature.  Natural Farming provides detailed information regarding

understanding a soil test and analysis,

establishing and managing pasture

treating compacted soil and erosion,

alternatives to artificial fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides,

the significance of weeds,

strategies for drought,

diagonisis of diseases and deficiencies in stock,

remedies for common diseases, including Johnes's disease and immune-system disorders,

rearing orphan animals.

This book by Pat Coleby, Natural Farming equips the farmer with the knowledge to get the most from their land using environmentally sustainable and responsible methods.

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