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Sodium Molybdate
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Sodium Molybdate

Price: $119.00
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SODIUM MOLYBDATE will provide the essential trace element Molybdenum (Mo) to plants. Sodium Molybdate is used for the treatment of molybdenum deficiency in various situations

Available in 1kg Pack

Sodium Molybdate will provide the essential trace element Molybdenum to plants that are defficient.

Molybdenum is involved in the plants process of covnerting nitrate into amino acids and proteins.

Plants experiencing molybdenum defficiency will exhibit similar symtoms to plants suffering nitrogen deficiency.  Plants lacking sufficent Molybdeum will lack the ability to metabolise nitrogen even though adequate nitrogen may be available in the soil and in the plant tissue. Deficiency symptoms include:

  • Yellowing
  • Stunting
  • Necrosis of leaf margins 

Foliar sprays of sodium molybdate are a quick and effective way of providing necessary molybdenum to plants.

Organic Earth Solutions recommend the use of Plant Tissue Testing and/or Soil Testing prior to the application of any trace elements.  Excess or unnecessary applications can be poisonous and throw the soil out of balance.

Highly acidic soils will inhibit Molybdenum.  Balancing the soil structure is an important  first step in ensuring trace elements are available for plant use.


MSDS for Sodium Molybdate .


Excessive Molybdenum may be harmful to stock.  Treated paddocks must be rested for a minimum of 4 weeks before stock is re-introduced.


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